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search for opportunity against the hard time
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search for opportunity against the hard time

IYU group convened a plastic-oriented business meeting 

IYU group held an analysis meeting for plastic sector on 31th.Oct.2015 mainly summarizing and analysing the business condition from Jan to Sep. meanwhile arrange the profit target and work task for the fourth quarter.
The attendence of this meeting are as following:chairman of the board, CEO,deputy CEO, director of every center and all geneal manager from all subsidiaries. The chairman of the board Mr.Wang Jianhua make an interpretation and estimation for the declining trend of the automotive industry and requires each center and subsidiaries increase income and reduce expenditure to get over the hard time. Besides, preparing well to deal with the “tough winter” from internal daily management to manufacture and logistics etc. to make all processes get improved.   
On the meeting, our CEO, Mr.Yuan Xinyu notified the business condition from Jan. to Sep. of IYU group and all subsidiaries. In term of the data published, the plastic sector starts to show a loss state that 60% of the financial factors such as turnover, net profit, gross profit and so on in each subsidiary fails to achive the target, which indicate that the plastic sector of IYU is confronted a very tough situation.
At the same time the directors from all centers and general managers of the subsidiaries have a hot discussion and correpongding actions and ideas with respect to the current declinging case. Finally, the meeting purpose of profit-orientated management improving is agreed. Besides, work out profit target for the fourth quarter accoding to 13 improvement actions put forwarded on 8th.Oct. 

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