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earn inspiration/ one day’s outdoor training record
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earn inspiration/ record of one day’s outdoor training
IYU group organize an outdoor training with all management people and the key postion staff from each center and Ningbo Changhua at Shanglianggang, Fenghua on 12th, Sep. 2015.
The purpose of this outdoor training is mainly to let us know the importance of team building and conmunication and also to know what’s the most efficient way for conmunication. Conmunication is important but it’s not enough, trust and decisive decision-making ability are essential as well. The activity “sending message form one station to another” tells us that it’s not insufficient comunication but less trust from team members during implementation cause the failure. You choose to suspect rather than trust when the answers from team members are different from what you think. It teaches us to self-criticize in work and to trust yourself and be confident in the team’s starting point,capability and your own judgement.
What the coach said impressed me deeply is the answer for what if tge other team has more members than yours. He said one more member can be a strength or a burdan. It depends on how you think of it. It’s true that every coin has two faces and the water can hold the boat but also can turnover it. The sun give vitality to the world but also bring the drought. In many cases, it’s hard to say it’s a good thing or bad thing. During daily work, it seems the trouble makes work harder and tougher but also it gives a chance to learn more. Every sailor can steering well following the wind but it needs a strong will for a captain to overcome all obstacles.  
One day’s outdoor training goes fast, which is just like a drop of water in the river of our whole life but it teaches us to be grateful, content and cherished. And we have a better understanding of the power of team and trusting. 
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